The Institute of European Integration and Policy (IEIP) is an independent, non-profit research institute. IEIP was founded in November 2002 (by the Presidential Decree 325/2002), under the auspices of the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens.  However, IEIP maintains full administrative and financial autonomy.

Its main mission is to promote an interdisciplinary approach on the study of European integration through academic dialogue and to establish a beneficial interaction between academic research and policy making.

In pursuing its main objective, IEIP:

  • monitors, analyses and evaluates the main developments on the european integration process.
  • establishes cooperations with other academic and research institutes in Greece and in the European Union, in pursue of exchanging academic views.
  • participates in national, european and international training schemes.
  • organises conferences, seminars and lectures.
  • publishing working papers, books and newsletters.
  • maintaning special units.

His first Director was Professor Panos Kazakos, who is now member of the IEIP Scientific Board. His current Director is Professor Emeritus Panayiotis C. Ioakimidis.


  • Institutional Reforms
  • Economic Governance
  • Europeanisation
  • Cohesion Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Greece and the European Union


IEIP runs on a diversified funding base. Its main sources of funding include research contracts, grants from international organisations as well as public and private companies, contributions by the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration and income through the sale of its publications.